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ADVANCED THERMOELECTRIC is a leading supplier of thermoelectric modules and related equipment to industry and research institutions. Our products are typically used to cool or control temperature by utilizing the Peltier Effect. This thermal management is done electrically, without compressors, gases (CFC's) and few, if any, moving parts. Consequently, our products are highly reliable and environmentally desirable.

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Portable Iceless ChestApplications for thermoelectric cooling and related thermal management are very wide ranging from cooling in consumer goods like portable cooler boxes and small refrigerators to temperature control of sophisticated aerospace, electro-optic, medical/laboratory, telecommunications and test/QC equipment.

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Thermoelectric Modules
(Also known as TE Coolers or Peltier Coolers)

Single-Stage Module Illustration

ADVANCED THERMOELECTRIC sells ElectraCOOLTM brand thermoelectric modules (TE Coolers). Built with the finest ceramics, state-of-the-art anti-diffusion barriers and assembled with solders capable of operation at maximum temperatures of +200 °C our TECs are capable of reliable operation in both simple and demanding applications. Learn more about our ElectraCOOL™ Thermoelectric Modules

Cold Plates

50 Watt Cold Plate photo Our wonderfully portable 50 Watt TCP-50 Cold Plate with 4" square working surface is at home in the cleanroom as well as mobile and remote labs. This is the unit if you require a small temperature controlled surface to maintain specimens, tissue samples, wells with vaccines or just about anything small you need to keep cool (or warm up) when power and/or space are in short supply. Can easily be wired to operate directly from your vehicle or by using one of our AC-to-DC power supplies when indoors. $149.95.

100 Watt Cold Plate photoWith twice the surface area and capacity our new TCP-100 is just what the doctor ordered when you need more room to maneuver or greater cooling capacity.

Temperature Controllers

TLK38 temperature controllerWe stock two of Tecnologic's quite sophisticated temperature controllers in the compact 16th DIN size. These include the single set-point, 16-amp TLZ10 and the 8-amp TLK38 dual set-point model. Both are available in 12 and 24 Volt D.C. configurations.

Enclosure Air Conditioners

TAC-60 Thermoelectric Air Conditioner

With only a 4 inch square (100mm) footprint and 60 Watts (204 Btu/hour) of cooling capacity our ElectraCOOLTM TAC-60 series air conditioner, is a small package that can fit on almost any electronics enclosure or control panel Click here for life-sized photo.

Multiple units of this modular design can be connected together in parallel or series to provide for greater cooling capacity. Each TAC-60 operates on a nominal 12V and connecting two or more in series allows for 24Volt or higher operation. The unit for indoor use is priced at just $199.95 each (10+ $174.95 each). The Outdoor Rated TAC60-E (IP55) is $249.50 (10+ $199.95). Call or email us for more information.

Not just a great looking package but the ElectraCOOLTM TAC60 system assures users very high reliability in demanding electronics enclosure air cooling (and warming) applications. With standard IP 20 or optional IP55 protection these will work great from the factory floor to the desert or jungle, even in the arctic, as well as on airborne and subsurface platforms. There are No gasses or compressors and no air is exchanged, only heat. They are designed to be very easy to install… Click here to learn more about thermoelectric air Conditioning.

TACE100W 14x12x07 Enclosure

Check out our Air Conditioned Weatherproof Enclosure

Model: TACETM 100W 14x12x7 Data Sheet

This is a rugged weatherproof enclosure (NEMA 4x or IP55) that provides up to 100 Watts of cooling and is is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications such as Wireless LAN, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max Hotspots or other communications equipment, Rapid Deployment Installations, surveillance, data acquisition, remotely controlled equipment, city/campus networks and any other application where equipment may overheat and stop working reliably.

Constructed from molded fiberglass reinforced polyester, it is well suited for high temperature or corrosive environments. The mounting flange allows it to be wall mounted out of the box or pole mounted with optional kits. The raised lid features a stainless steel continuous hinge and stainless steel quick release latches with padlock hasps. The raised lid is fully gasketed.

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