SDR-75 Series - Release Notes

The Compact, "Green," SDR-75 Series of DIN Rail Power Supplies

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The Compact SDR Series of DIN rail power supplies are industrial grade, highly reliable, efficient and save space on the rail. Outstanding power supplies...

The SDR-75 Series is significantly better than standard 75 Watt DIN Rail supplies in a variety of ways. The slim 32mm design of SDR-75 is 41% smaller than its conventional DIN Rail counterpart; model DR-75 so you'll have more space available on the rail. SDR-75 is also 9~12.5% more efficient than DR-75 so it's more economical to operate. Finally, SDR-75 has a wider working temperature ranging (-30 °C ~ +70 °C ) versus DR-75 (-10 °C ~ +60 °C). The MTBF is now 481,900 hours or over 54 years.


With a state-of-the-art, high performance circuit design, the SDR-75 series features full range or "universal" AC input (88~264VAC) and is up to 90% efficient. SDR-75 is cooled with fan-less, natural (free air) convection and operates under full load conditions from ambient temperature of -30 °C to +60 °C. SDR-75 will operate up to +70 °C with some power derating. SDR-75 has 150% peak load capability and is equipped with overload protection (constant current limiting and delay shut down) which is great in critical loading situations, such as inductive and capacity loads. SDR-75 series also complies with GL and SEMI F47 requirements so are a great choice for marine and semi-conductor related use. Other nice features include front panel LED indicator and front panel DC voltage adjustment (+10%) for fine-tuning.

Additional built-in protections includes short-circuit, overload (constant current mode), over voltage, and over temperature. All SDR Series supplies have UL, CUL, CB, TUV, CB and CE certificates and also meet the EMC requirements of heavy industrial immunity level (EN61000-6-2).

Suitable applications include marine applications (GL certified), industrial control system, semi-conductor fabrication equipment (SEMI F47 approved), factory automation, electro-mechanical applications, and any installations with fan-less or low noise requirements.

SDR-75 Series Features at a Glance

32mm slim design
Universal AC input 88~264V for worldwide use
SEMI F47 approved
(GL Certified) for marine applications
112.5W (150% peak load) for 3 seconds
UL508 (industrial control equipment) compliant
Output voltage may be increased by 10% by simple rheostat in front cover
Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature
MTBF ≈ 55 Years
Cooling by fan-less natural convection
Installed on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15
Certificates: UL / CUL / TUV / CB / CE / GL / SEMI F47
Dimensions: (W*H*D) 1.25“ x 4.9“ x 4.0“ (32 x 125.2 x 102mm)
RoHS Compliant


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