TLZ10 Temperature Controller

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TLZ10 FS (12V)
Single Set-Point Digital Temperature Controller

The TLZ10 Series of controllers has been discontinued and replaced by the Z31-A Series.

TLZ10 User Manual (.pdf)

TLZ10 to TAC60 Wiring Instructions
TLZ10 to TCP50 Wiring Instructions

TLZ10 Temperature Controller


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* The Tecnologic TLZ10 Series replaces the Tecnologic TDH01 Series

TLZ10 is a digital microprocessor based temperature controller for Cooling or Heating applications and ON/OFF control mode. The instrument has one relay output (SPDT) and one input for PTC or NTC temperature probes, that can be configured. The instrument is equipped with 4 programming keys, a 4-digit display and 1 LED signal.

Other important characteristics of the instrument are: Programmed parameters may be protected by using a personalized password, switching on and off (stand-by) of the instrument using the “U” front key, configuration of parameters via the optional A01 device.

We Include an NTC Sensor.

Other available Inputs: 24 VAC/VDC (L type) and 100...240 VAC (H type).


TLZ10 is a compact, microprossor driven temperature controller great for simple applications where maintaining a single temperature is desired. The TLZ10 is easily programmable for either direct action (cooling) OR reverse action (heating).

TLZ10-FS Specifications

Power Supply: 12 VAC/VDC ± 10% F: 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 3 VA

Input(s): Includes an NTC 103AT-2 (10 kΩ at 25 °C) sensor. Will work with a PTC KTY 81-121 (990 Ω at 25 °C) sensor

Measurement range: NTC: -50...109 °C / -58...228 °F; PTC: -50...150 °C / -58 ... 302 °F

Output(s): One (1) 16 amp relay output SPDT 16A-AC1

Case: Self-extinguishing plastic, UL 94 VO

Dimensions: 1/16th DIN, Front Panel 35x75 mm, Depth 64 mm

Mounting: Flush in panel in 29x71 mm hole

Connections: 2.5 mm screw terminal block

Degree of protection of from panel: IP 65, mounted on the panel with seal

Control: ON/OFF

Display resolution: According to the probe used. 1/0. 1/5/0.5

Overall Accuracy: ± 0.5% fs

Sampling rate: 1 sample per second

Compliance: EEC directive EMC 89/336 (EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1), EEC directive LV 73/23 and 93/68 (EN 60730-1)

UL & CE for TLZ10

UL File no. E212227