Thermoelectric Cooling Module TM 71-1.4-8.5

TM 71-1.4-8.5 Thermoelectric Cooling Module

Specifications with Thot = 27 °С

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TM 71-1.4-8.5





30 x 30 x 3.45


TM 71-1.4-8.5 is a popular multi-purpose single-stage thermoelectric module with a 30 x 30mm footprint. Typically used with 5 to 8 Volt DC power sources and with a robust 42 Watts of cooling capacity it’s powerful. Move more heat or shorten transient times... Frequently used in strings, when it's desirable to increase the temperature controlled surface area, when higher voltages are available. (2 @ 12V, 4 @ 24V, 8 @ 48V, etc.)

Typically used in instruments and electro-optic or photonic applications, TM 71-1.4-8.5 is often used to maintain a constant temperature however, it may be used for cooling, heating and thermal stabilization. It's employed in a wide range of civilian and military applications. A thermal cycling version is available.

Operating temperature range: -50 °C ~ +200 °C

Available with metalized and tinned surfaces.


Comprehensive Specifications (Hot-Side Temperature 27 °C)

Imax = 8.5 Amps (Imax is the maximum current at ΔTmax)

Vmax = 8.8 Volts (Vmax is maximum voltage at ΔTmax)

Qcmax = 43.1 Watts (Qcmax is maximum cooling capacity at Imax, Vmax and ΔT = 0 °C)

ΔTmax = 70 °C (ΔTmax is maximum temperature difference at Imax, Vmax and Qc = 0W)

Internal resistance = 0.85 Ω ± 10% as measured by AC 4-terminal method at 25 °C

Operating temperature range: -50 °C ~ +200 °C (Solder melting point: +235 °C)

Thickness tolerance: ± 0.025mm (Lapping to ± 0.01mm for multi-module apps available.)
Flatness and parallel variance: ± 0.05mm

Standard lead wires: 20 AWG, Tin (Sn) plated at module interface, with a maximum temperature of +105 °C
(Other wiring options available.)

Maximum recommended compression: 1MPa

Ceramics: Alumina (AL2O3)
Metalized (and tinned) surfaces available

The lot number is printed on the center of the cold-side

RoHS Compliant

Options & Designations (Suffix):
(for example: TM 71-1.4-8.5 "EL")



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Performance Curves (click image for enlargement)

Thermoelectric module performance curves are graphical representations showing the relationships between power applied and net cooling for a specific TE module.

Performance curves are valuable tools for quickly determining if a TE module is a suitable COOLER for an application; learning what power is required for an appropriate module to reach the desired temperature and heat pumping capacity; and to provide the basic information necessary for proper assembly design.

Curves with Th = 27 °C indicate what to expect operating in ambient temperatures around 20 °C (70 °F) with an operational "hot-side" temperature or Th about 7 °C above ambient.

Curves with Th = 50 °C are for outdoor, box-in-box, and other applications with ambient temperatures in the 40-50 °C range.

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