Consulting Services

When you need more than just components.

We are affiliated with experts, in the field of thermoelectrics, around the world.

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Our seasoned professionals are available to evaluate applications and assist in applying thermoelectric technology, when appropriate. We can also be of assistance resolving many issues with inefficient or ineffective assembly designs.

If you are new to thermoelectric technology we recommend reading our fundamentals page. Those more familiar with the technology may want to condider a selction from our recommended literature on various thermoelectric subjects.

If you are familiar with the technology and need assistance, or a custom assembly, please contact us.

We are happy to recommend products and provide answers to most questions but, if you require significant guidance or assistance, we can arrange for an expert to help.

We are delighted to discuss your requirements, after which, we will provide a plan, timetable and quotation for our services.

Toll free in North America: 1 866.665.5434

International: 603.888.2467